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Andy's Story Series

Welcome to my series of stories on the adventures of Hannah Jamison, a very frequent hiccuper, and her friends. Click one of the links below to go to that episode, and feel free to use the links in the box on the right to leave comments or ideas on the stories. I'd love to see who actually reads these things!

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Episode 1 - Juliana and the Non-Stop Hiccups
Meet the characters of the series as Hannah tries to help her best friend Juliana, who is going through some very hard times.

Episode 2 - A Day at the Pool
Hannah and friends head for the city pool, and while there, Chris makes a discovery.

Episode 3 - Two is Better than One
OK, girls, feel free to thank me for this one! :-P Hannah's hiccupping again, but this time she isn't the only one. Chris finds out what it's like to have the hiccups, too.

Episode 4 - Hannah's Bad Day
It kinda sounds like an episode from a bad sitcom. In short, everything goes wrong. You'll agree when you read it.

Episode 5 - The Presentation
It's Juliana with another feature-length case, at an embarrassing moment. But that's not all...

Episode 6 - A Trip to the City
Some people like seeing hiccups - others like having them. Sarah gets her chance to enjoy some of her own as the Beloits and friends go on a trip to the state capital.

Episode 7 - Date Night
Last time Sarah enjoyed having some serious hiccups. Today she works on trying to give them to herself. She also goes on a date with her boyfriend, and gets a big surprise.

Episode 8 - At the Mall
Hannah and her friends visit the mall while she is in the midst of a bad - and ironically, self-inflicted - case of hiccups.

Episode 9 - Good News
Sarah gets the hiccups as she and her boyfriend Nathan enjoy plenty of good news.

Episode 10 - Just in Time
Hiccups seem to start at the most inconvenient moments for a couple of our favorite characters. But is stopping them nearly so easy?

Episode 11 - Last Night
Sarah and Nathan spend their last night together before he leaves to pursue his baseball dreams. If only he had known the dreams he would be leaving behind!

Episode 12 - The Phone Call
It was just an ordinary Sunday in Hannah's world, when the phone rang, and everything changed.

Episode 13 - Beginning Again
After a tumultuous few weeks, it's time for Hannah and her friends to resolve some hard issues and get a fresh start.

Episode 14 - Keep it Simple, Sarah
While enduring a stubborn case of hiccups, Amanda meets a guy at the mall, and they quickly become friends. Will things ever again be that simple for her sister?

Episode 15 - Stories about Lauren
A strange, deep friendship with an insecure, needy girl has some profound effects on Justin's relationship with Juliana. It's amazing how people who are so different can be so similar.

Episode 16 - Take Me Out
To the ball game, that is! Sarah and her friends head to the ballpark to see Nathan in his first major-league game. Will the two of them be able to move beyond their difficult past?

Episode 17 - The Morning After
The morning after their exciting trip to the ballpark, Chris finds himself at work, with a stubborn case of the hiccups. To his surprise, he's not the only one with hiccups today.

Episode 18 - Sarah Goes to College
Sarah enters a new chapter in her life, moving in to a college dormitory, and quickly making some new friends. Naturally, she brings some hiccups along.

Episode 19 - Finding a Family
Hannah is invited to her cousin's wedding in Texas. Having not seen her cousins in many years, she wonders if she be able to reconnect with them after so long.

Episode 20 - The Campout
Amanda and a few of her friends head to the forest for a camping trip, and she ends up having even more fun than she expected.

Episode 21 - Juliana's Wonderful Life
Months after her breakup with Justin, Juliana is still feeling down on herself. A Christmastime visit from a strange new friend changes all that.

Episode 22 - A New Friend
Sarah is loving college life, but she's having a little trouble with her classmates. An encounter with an ill-tempered girl helps alter her perspective.

Episode 23 - Saved By the Belle
Hannah, Chris, and Juliana have an unexpectedly adventurous time at a Civil War reenactment. What could possibly go wrong?

Episode 24 - Moment of Decision
On a visit with Sarah at her college, Hannah considers her educational future, while Sarah and Nathan have to make some decisions of their own.

Episode 25 - Benson for Sheriff
Hannah and Amanda spend a day door-to-door campaigning for Ellie's dad. Can they make it through the neighborhood without one of them getting the hiccups?

Episode 26 - The Sheriff's Wife
Mrs. Benson is excited but nervous about the election-night banquet concluding her husband's campaign for county sheriff. Will it all go exactly as she had hoped?

Episode 27 - Tishomingo
As Sarah and Nathan spend the first night of their long journey to Mexico camping in a picturesque state park, they encounter an unexpected mishap.

Episode 28 - Giving and Receiving
Finding herself with the hiccups at church, Hannah isn't able to learn much from the sermon. That doesn't keep her from learning a little bit about ministry.

Episode 29 - Clarissa's Diary
While giving Hannah a special Christmas gift, Clarissa is suprised to find that Hannah isn't the only one to whom she ends up feeling a closer connection.

Episode 30 - Simply Perfect
Chris and Hannah spend a beautiful day enjoying one another's company, before an unexpected encounter with an old friend. Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest ones.

Episode 31 - Let It Come
Feeling worried and conflicted about her relationship with Brandon, Amanda really needs a listening ear and some sound advice. Where can she turn for help?

Episode 32 - Past the Point of No Return
Nathan and Sarah continue along their trip to Mexico. It turns out that they have a lot of bridges to cross on the way.

Episode 33 - Being Hannah
It's a pretty ordinary day in the life of Hannah, but an interesting conversation gets her thinking about just what it means to be herself.

Episode 34 - Katie's World
Katie and Brendan's life together is off to a good start, but a particularly eventful day has them looking forward to even better things to come.

Episode 35 - All Yours
Nathan and Sarah's first day in Mexico turns out to be a lot more than they bargained for. Through it all, they find themselves drawn even closer together.

Episode 36 - Forget Me Not
College life goes on at the school that Sarah recently left, but her friends haven't forgotten her. With all that's going on today, there's no way they could!

Episode 37 - Made For This
Hannah is off to church again today, this time for a fun summertime program with the kids. But before they can head out, she and Mrs. Beloit need to have a talk.

More coming soon!

Finally, if your name happens to be Hannah Jamison, or in any way similar to the name of any character, don't worry, these stories are NOT about you; the names are totally my creation and any similarity to the names or characteristics of actual people is pure chance. Well, almost... ;-)

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