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The Hiccup Survey

The reason for this survey is simple: to put together some statistics about those who love the hiccups. A group of hiccup lovers of both genders has been communicating for some time and after much discussion, we found some common points that are included in the survey. The survey is as anonymous as you want it to be, but we would appreciate you filling it out as completely as you feel comfortable doing. If you have any trouble with the survey, e-mail us with the link at the top of the window and we'll check it out.

All information provided to us in this survey will be used solely for populating the survey results page, which will soon be publicly available on this site. You should not include any information you are not comfortable sharing online. Any names and/or e-mail addresses given will never be sold to any enterprise of any kind. All answers are optional! If you just want to leave us a message in the final "comments" field, that's fine too!

Thank you so much for filling out the survey.

Survey results are available now!

What is your name, or nickname if you prefer?

Would you care to share your e-mail address?

What is your age?

Your gender is:

Where are you from?

Do you consider yourself straight, gay or bi-sexual?

About how old were you when you discovered your attraction to the hiccups?

Have you ever told a partner or significant other about your love for the hiccups?

About how often do you get the hiccups?

Do you enjoy having the hiccups yourself?
Yes, but not around others

Do you like hiccups in others?

Have you ever "been romantic" while you or your partner had the hiccups?
Yes, while I had them
Yes, while my partner had them
Yes, while we both had them

If you are straight, do you like hiccups in people of the same sex as yourself? If you are gay, do you like hiccups in people of the opposite sex?

Do hiccups in children and/or family members intrigue or irritate you?

How did you find this site?

Why do you think you like the hiccups? What is so special about them?

What type of hiccup do you like the most?

Do you have any experiences or comments that you would like to share about the hiccups?

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